“Put a cat in it”

Posted by on Apr 27, 2020 in Art blogs, Painting blogs, Project blogs

Clients so often ask me to put a cat in their paintings that it’s become a bit of a joke. Why cats? Just randomly, someone in Japan, someone in Russia and someone in Scotland all wanted cats in their commissioned work. It got me thinking about how many times cats have sneaked into my paintings. […]

The Quest for a Pole

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  My client often requests versions of paintings I’ve already done. I can change the picture enough to keep it interesting for me, as I can’t really recreate an exact copy. The original Lovers painting is 40 x 30 cm. The new one is going to be 150 x 100 cm. For reference for the […]

Arse Painting with Ella Guru

Posted by on Mar 27, 2017 in Painting blogs
Arse Painting with Ella Guru

A  few weeks ago, a certain Mr Paul Raggity, artist and photographer, messaged me asking for tips about working with oil paint. Paul had mostly used acrylic and ink. He was holed up somewhere without Skype, so I made a few short video clips to email him. I accidentally showed the clips to a friend whose […]

Painting your life and your dreams

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I have been doing commissioned work for as long as I can remember. Here I will highlight the great variety of the projects I’ve done over the years, up through 2016. The Von Stockhausen family portraits The Von Stockhausen family have portraits dating back centuries hung in ornate frames on the walls of their manor […]

Sue Kreitzman and Anne Sophie Cochevelou

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My epic painting of Sue Kreitzman and Anne Sophie Cochevelou is my own ode to Outsider Art. This painting will be shown as part of Sue Kreitzman’s window display at Selfridges from 8  January 2015!  http://www.fashionmonitor.com/news/wMx/Selfridges-celebrates-Bright-Old-Things I am a trained artist with a degree, so in that sense I don’t fit the bill of ‘Outsider.’ However, I […]

Stuckist Astrology Project

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Following on from the success of the Stuckist Major Arcana Tarot Deck in 2012, Elsa Dax has done a project on Astrology and Chinese birth signs. The show is finally happening on Saturday 19 November 2016 from 6-8 pm at St Paul’s Church, Camden Square, Camden High St, NW1 0J. Being a Gemini, I have done the Gemini […]