The Drawing and Dancing Society: Draw your Reality

Draw your Reality

A part of  Your Reality is Broken Festival

Join us for a life drawing session led by the Drawing and Dancing society. (see link for more details & images from previous sessions.)

In our sessions we draw together of artists from a variety of fields with a strong relationship to drawing and a desire to explore, experiment and develop in a congenial atmosphere with materials and knowledgeable guidance. Our events are fluid, intuitive, and challenging to summarise in words. It is unlike any other life drawing class.

Drawing can be either a quiet and contemplative or a performance act.  Musicians performing live for us to draw, even in the nude as the French group Garance Louis and the Mitochondries at the last session at Regent Studios. We have performance artists whose work evolves as our pencils, pens, and brushes flow onto paper. Each artist has their own perspective, and some even draw the room, the other artists, or an interpretation of the performance. For example, the life model Arkem talks while striking poses, reading from books, reciting poetry or music on his own experiences of life and modelling. Hs words mingle with his limbs and props and the variety of results are astounding.

This is a special collaboration as part of Nwando Ebize’s festival of perception, Your Reality is Broken, where we especially welcome those who experience visual illusions, lucid dreams, hallucinations and visual disorders to draw their reality.

Here are some photos and drawings from our last two sessionsin 2015 and 2016, plus a poster for the new session. Each event is truly a unique experience.

More details will follow as the models, musicians and performers develop their contributions.

Donations for paper, pencils etc are advised.