Copyright notice: All works on this website remain copyright of me, Ella Guru. The copyright of a painting remains with the artist unless they sign it over to the new owner of the painting. Buying the physical painting does not give someone copyright of the painting. My ownership of copyright includes my right to reproduce my own images in publications and on the internet. It also includes my right to allow tattooists to use my designs for tattoos, even if someone else owns the original painting.

The designs and concepts are the exclusive copyright of Ella Guru, and may NOT be reproduced by anyone else in any form without written consent from myself. In the event a design is used without consent, a design fee will be enforced and legal action may also be pursued.

I am a generally friendly person. If you want to share an image, and give me full credit, and are not making any financial gain from it, I am likely to say yes. Just message me.

Disclaimer: Figures, objects and interiors appearing in my paintings are complete fictional creations from my imagination & bear no intentional resemblance to any person either living or dead (unless otherwise specified). If you are seriously concerned that an object in my paintings resembles an object in your house, please try to understand that a painting is not a photograph, and the world is full of similar objects. Paintings are not reality. That is the whole point of art.

Regarding model release forms: if the subject of a painting can not be easily identified as a specific person, you do not need a model release form. For models who’s likeness will be represented, I am currently using model release forms. If you think someone looks like someone you know, this resemblance may be purely coincidental. Where relevant I have named the subjects and models in my paintings.