John Jones Gallery project blog

This mural painting project with Joni Belaruski and Del Riche was great fun.

Paraphrasing from Joni’s blog:

Joni was given  a really fun commission from John Jones Framers that was a pleasure to work on from start to finish. John Jones is a prestigious framing company based in North London with clients including Guy Ritchie and Madonna, Hugh Grant, Damien Hirst and many more . To celebrate moving into their new premises, they wanted to hold a party in the top floor of their building, a huge open space with an expanse of white walls which Joni was asked to create artwork on. The theme was loosely based around ‘Victorian interiors’, and everything was to be fairly simple and in black and white. Perfect for Joni’s illustrative style! The time frame was very narrow with less than a week to paint these 12 ft walls with three more huge canvases thrown in for good measure. Joni enlisted the help of myself and Del Riche ( After researching our images for a couple of days the three of us set to work drawing, projecting and painting. Here is a gallery of the work in progress, the party itself and the artists.