Drawing & Dancing poster 5 Feb. 17

Drawing & Dancing poster 5 Feb. 17

The Drawing and Dancing Society was formed by Ella Guru, Lucy Red Shoes and Maryam Hashemi in 2011, as experimental drawing sessions taking place in a cosy, homelike environment in a loft in Hackney, which sadly closed in 2016 as part of the corporate destruction of London. Lucy and Ella now reside on the South coast, in Folkestone and Hastings respectively. The plan to bring our Drawing and Dancing sessions to the seaside.

Costumes, movement and props play a big role. Models talk, feedback, dance and draw themselves. More than a traditional life drawing class, we draw dancers, performing tableaux, and live musicians.

Drawing can be either a quiet and contemplative or a performance act… We stress  movement and expression rather than academic skill. The longest pose a model might hold is 20 minutes. But often they are in continuous motion, making for a fun and challenging drawing experience.

Our next session is in London at Guest Projects, just around the corner from the old space at Regent Studios. Details here.

Contact me if any of this interests you, especially if you want to get involved with starting up a similar experience in Hastings or St Leonards-on-Sea.