Little Rabbit book

New Children’s Book by Trisha Richardson, illustrated by Ella Guru, November 2023. Taking a break from my usual bizarreness, a delightful children’s tale of a little lost rabbit who meets the elementals of the forest. On sale now in my online shop. (*NOTE: My shop is an external, and completely secure site.) The book was published in time for Christmas but we will also have an official book launch in Spring 2024.

Little Rabbit's Big Adventure
Little Rabbit’s Big Adventure
Stock take Nov 23
Stock take Nov ’23: new and old items in my online shop

Now in my online shop! Lots of prints and mugs, Trisha’s Little Rabbit book, and Sexton Ming poetry book and new satirical zine ‘Nudist’. Shop link is external and completely secure.

Cheetah – blog post with location notes

“Cheetah”, oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm. Finished at the end of last summer; only just got around to editing for social media. The models were photographed at a manor house near Robertsbridge. My dog stood in for the cheetah (you can’t hire big cats in the UK), along with some stock photography. I’ve added a list of locations below. I got further than Asda and local parks in 2021. Some summer memories to keep us going until it warms up again.


  1. Alexandra Park, Hastings
  2. Cottage: mix of stock photos and cottages near Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, Manchester
  3. Cherry tree: Virginia, USA, family walk (photo from 2019)
  4. Hastings (various public gardens)
  5. Field near Falaise gym, Hastings
  6. Our garden and neighbours’ gardens at home (St Leonards)
  7. Marie Louise Gardens, Manchester
  8. Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, Manchester
  9. Trisha’s Badger, near Pevensey Road, St Leonards on Sea
  10. Warrior Square, St Leonards on Sea
  11. Marie Louise Gardens, Manchester
  12. Clissold Park, London
  13. Shopping Mall, Leeds city centre (columns)
  14. Ivy – combination Hastings Old Town and stock photos
  15. Near Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, Manchester
  16. Roundabout near Asda, Hastings (red hot poker flowers)
  17. Wall outside my house
  18. Colour of wall partially based on Kirskstall Abbey, Leeds
  19. Flower beds, Alexandra Park, Hastings
  20. Purple flowers, Mandy’s yarden, Leeds

The witches dancing in the background are from a vintage photograph (photographer unknown), though they unintentionally resemble the Mediæval Bæbes.

Day: Sabbath of Witches (After Ferdinand Hodler)

New painting: “Day: Witches Sabbath (after Ferdinand Holder)” , oil on canvas, 36” x 54”

Loaded with symbolism representing female power, energy, rebirth, and wisdom. Models: Missy Macabre, Joni Belaruski, Leticia Molera Vasquez, Amanda Steele and Lily Kim. Pentagram: Trisha Richardson. 

Reviews of my Tarot exhibition.

Three reviews from the exhibition at Susan Diamond

22 King’s Road
St Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex TN37 6DU

4 Dec 2014 – 5 Jan 2015

Rude Magazine story by Nicci Talbot:

Hastings Online article by Erica Smith:

Laurence Poole’s blog:


And the Facebook event page with photos from the opening party:

Stuck in a Jewel – Chris Yates’ pv at Nucleus Gallery Chatham

Stuck in a Jewel – Chris Yates’ pv at Nucleus Gallery Chatham. Chris put on a stellar show. I was happy to be a guest artist in this exhibition. Much wine was consumed, so, for now, all I can say is great work, Chris. And to the rest of the public – the show is on until 14 August. Go and see it!

Stuck in a Jewel
Group show curated by Chris Yates, Bury Stuckist
1-14 August 2014

Nucleus Arts
272 High Street, ME4 4BP Chatham, Medway

The Urban Voodoo Machine album cover

I had the pleasure of painting one of my favourite bands ever. I did the front cover, and portraits for the inner booklet.