Stuckist Astrology Project

Following on from the success of the Stuckist Major Arcana Tarot Deck in 2012, Elsa Dax has done a project on Astrology and Chinese birth signs. The show is finally happening on Saturday 19 November 2016 from 6-8 pm at St Paul’s Church, Camden Square, Camden High St, NW1 0J.

Being a Gemini, I have done the Gemini card.

Flower symbols are for forgiveness and reconciliation. I have battled too long with Gemini duality. This painting is about making peace between the two halves.

And in my own tradition, I have reversed sides : the “wild” me pictured against the wild nature of Hastings which is actually my peaceful new home. And the “civilised” working me, in London, in front of the National Gallery.. when in reality it is in London that I have been the wild me, and in Hastings I wear the painting apron most days.

Special thanks to Gemini sister Eileen Meegan who helped with modelling.


Balloon by Amanda Mandy Burns.